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Interscience for Microbiology

INTERSCIENCE has been developing and manufacturing innovative scientific equipment for microbiology for 40 years. Its products guarantee safe and fast analyses for the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, environmental and medical research industries.

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Interscience manufactures and sells products for microbiological analysis for the food,
pharmaceutical, cosmetic, veterinary, medical, environmental and chemical industries.

Developed with the innovative Spiral® method, the company has always focused on R&D and a unique French manufacturer know-how. It is the only manufacturer that produces mixers and filter bags in the same factory. Over the decades, product lines have been widely developed and the R&D teams have filed more than 30 international patents.


Launched in 2017, ScanStation®, real-time incubator and colony counter, has since been multi-awarded by the scientific community. Enabling real-time monitoring of bacterial growth, it provides anticipated results and allows better management of production for the
pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic industries.

Interscience France

Microbiology Products from Interscience, France

BagSystem & BagTools

Lab Blenders

Gravimetric Dilutors

Dispensing Pumps


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