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Food Ingredients in Bowls

3M Allergen Detection

Complex testing made simple

3M™ Allergen Protein ELISA Kit.png
3M™ Allergen Protein Rapid Kit.png

3M Allergen Testing products were designed to detect processed and unprocessed target allergen proteins and allow for a simplified workflow. Tests can accommodate environmental swab, CIP rinse water and food samples.

3M Allergen Protein Rapid Tests

3M Allergen Rapid Kit.jpg

Rapid, qualitative immunochromatographic lateral flow test cartridges designed for the detection of proteins from allergenic foods.

3M Allergen Protein Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) Tests

3M™ Allergen Protein ELISA Kit.png

Confirmed, quantifiable results with solid phase sandwich ELISA tests for monitoring specific food allergens across a wide variety of foods.

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