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Food Safety & Microbiological Products

Era Bumi Sains supply a vast range of products for the many critical areas of the food & beverage processing industry. From 3M Petrifilm, dehydrated culture media, pre-poured media, rapid media to consumables, sampling swabs and a wide range of equipment, we strive to supply all that is required to ensure food are safe to eat and drink. 

By providing high-quality products from leading suppliers, Era Bumi Sains aims to help customers ensure their product testing and hygiene monitoring is conducted efficiency, quickly and accurately. 

We also actively organizing and participating in educational exhibition and seminar among the customers, both in government sector and private sector supported by our close partners in the field. Among the programs been managed are 3M Health care Academy, Interscience France Live Webinar, Lab Asia, Hygiene and Environmental Health Monitoring by emphasizing on the correct and efficient tools present in the market.

Our authorized distribution:

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